Welcome to my "Kate4Kids" world.

 My name is Kate. I never thought that I would start making dolls, but here they are. It all began 7 years ago when my two wonderful daughters, Maja and Zuzia, were born. At first I only sewed for them, but later on I started creating dolls for other children and… their parents. Yes, you got it right – grown-ups order dolls for themselves, too. I find making dolls extremely enjoyable. The moment when I learn about the reaction of someone who has just been given one of my dolls is hard to describe… I am so happy … just like a child! Those were the beginnings… Today Kate4Kids is a “family” of more than a dozen handcrafts loving Mums, who sew, knit and crochet together. By working collectively we are able to meet all our Clients’ needs and make more dolls much quicker, but still maintaining their most recognized features – quality, durability and unique handmade style aesthetic.
Although my dolls are quite rebellious they can easily become your best friends or someone to share your secrets with. All dolls are hand sewn in Poland and made of natural materials; they are soft and safe for children. You can change their clothes, choose a different outfit everyday, play with them and hug them or put them on a shelve as a decoration to admire for… they stand all by themselves!

Regarding the youngest:

You already know the importance of childhood companionship. Dolls are a great outlet for children. They can act as a child's trusted sharers of secrets and their co-discoverers the world. These experiences help little minds discover their imagination and foster creativity. I try to fulfill my dreams about this one unique doll, which is usually the first child's toy and is unique for her. Usually, you remember about it even when you are an adult. 
So now you can see why picking the right doll for a child is so important!

I invite you to my dolls and fairy tale world, where everyone can feel like a child.


Let's talk about emotions:

My dolls are supposed to help a child express his/her emotions. By playing with the doll children learn how to name particular emotions and how not to bottle up their feelings. A young child lives entangled in the world of strong emotions, which are often difficult to understand and control. Children can easily switch their laughter into tears and the other way round. They find it hard to name their feelings - it makes them frustrated. Gradually, previously unknown emotions such as shame, pride, jealousy, confusion, appear in a young individual’s life. The dolls’ faces have been deliberately designed not to smile, just like their little owners’ faces in a day-to-day life. Personified dolls share all kinds of emotions with children, making them feel understood by a friend, who feels exactly the same way as they do. Therefore, the dolls can be used as therapeutic tools and a practical help in the process of developing emotional intelligence.

To support the idea I'm adding to each doll a special marker able to make drawings on textiles. Paintings drawn with this marker can be wiped off with a wet wipe. You can draw a mouth, nose, a particular face or an extra fringe and then... wipe it off - without any consequences for the doll!) Each day the face can be completely different and appropriate to the child's mood. How clever is it?!
You can use the marker to talk with your child about emotions. In some special cases the doll and marker can be a great support while theraphy of introverted or even autistic children.


More about the dolls:

-40 cm or 16 inches tall (so called "Classic Dolls")
-32 cm or 14 inches tall ("PasteLove" collection)
-weigh about 0.5 kg without packaging.
-handmade with extraordinary attention to detail.
-The head fully rotates.
-The legs also fully rotate meaning the doll can stand or sit on her own ("Classic Dolls")
-"Pastelove" dolls  can't stand on them own but can sit without any support.
-All clothes are also entirely handmade and can be removed for washing and changing.
-My dolls are dedicated to Children aged 3 years and older. This is because they contain some small parts such as eyes and buttons.

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