Chocolate with Raspberries

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"Chocolate with Raspberries"

The series of dolls "PasteLOVE" is my brand new version of dolls "Kate4Kids". Small, sweet girls with names associated with the colors in which they are made.

The doll is for playing, but it can also be a great decorative element.

The doll is light (0,21 Kg / 0.4 lb) and very nice in touch. She is soft but she can sit by herself (as in the pictures). Doll's head can be rotated to a small extent.

Height of doll in sitting position is 20 cm /8 inch (36 cm / 14 inch from feet to head).
Clothes in which she is dressed can be easily removed.

She is filled with certified polyester oat. The material is produced by a Swiss company with 120 years of experience in the textile market. The material is specially woven for sewing dolls.

Doll can be washed by hand, with gentle detergents, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). Doll does not like the washing machine!

Doll's hair can be combed to your heart's content, you can not just dry it with a hair dryer, curl it with a curling iron, heat it or dye it.

Doll is intended for children over 3 years old.

Doll's name is conventional and given only for publication. It does not appear neither on the doll nor on the box. I attach to the doll "birth certificate", in which at the request of the buyer can write any name indicated.


 I attached a special marker to the doll. Thanks to it, your children will have an opportunity to paint a face on the doll and the face can be different every day, matching their mood. You can easily wipe off the painting with your wet hand, without any consequences to your doll!
Painting faces can be a fun part of play, but there is something else behind it that is much more complex:

My dolls help a child express emotions. By playing with them, the child learns to name emotions, not accumulate them. A small child lives in a tangle of incomprehensible feelings for himself, very strong emotions. Children do not know how to control them. They easily pass from smile to tears and vice versa. They don't know how to name emotions, which frustrates them a lot. In the real life of a small person there are constantly new, unknown feelings: shame, pride, jealousy, embarrassment. My dolls are not permanently smiling, just like their little owners! Personified dolls experience their emotions together with children, so they feel understood, they have a friend who feels exactly what they do, because he has a face drawn according to their current mood. So my dolls can also have a therapeutic function; they are often a teaching aid in the process of developing emotional intelligence in children.


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